Paul Sojkowski

Vacation Concierge

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Excited about travel?  Then Paul Sojkowski is your guy – His enthusiasm and passion for all things travel makes Paul an important part of the Vacation Concierge Team.  His love for travel started at an early age, with yearly trips to Disney World.  Paul has continued this tradition with his wife and daughter: a family of professional Disney enthusiasts!

Not limited to staying State-side, Paul has also explored Europe and was able to visit the exact location his grandfather was on Omaha Beach back in WW2 – a truly touching moment.  Travel has certainly shaped Paul.  With each new destination, he and his family try to “live as locals”, finding all the best dining and entertainment spots away from the crowds.  He knows that the more you experience different ways of living, the richer your life becomes.

Visit Paul at our Union Grove office to see how your life can be richer today!


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