Nicole Sobrilsky

Vacation Concierge

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Nicole excels in being organized and detail oriented.  This makes her a key member of the Vacation Concierge Team.  She is here to ensure that you have everything you need for a fabulous vacation.  She especially enjoys helping those who may, at first, be intimidated to travel.  From reviewing each step of your trip, to guiding you on how to use the “Pocket Travel Mobile App”, Nicole is here to help!

Growing up, her family traveled locally but travel really expanded for Nicole during a trip to Hawaii in her 20’s.  Her traveling companion was in the travel industry and Nicole was impressed with how she knew exactly where to go and what to do for a great time!

Since then, Nicole has been able to explore Europe, enjoying the different cultures and languages.  She especially liked the Netherlands – so many bikes!

Let Nicole organize your upcoming travel plans so you don’t have to!


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