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Lisa’s love of travel started with growing up in Utah, Arizona, & Michigan. Exploring the mountains out west and the woods and lakes of Michigan instilled a great love of discovery.

Lisa’s first time on an airplane was when she left to attend Travel Advisor School and she hasn’t stopped since.  Moscow, Switzerland, Dominican Republic…you name it – she’s been there!  Adventure is her specialty: ask her about the time she unintentionally swam with sharks.

Lisa has always held the motto, “Soak up the Differences!” when visiting a new place.  She believes that you can learn so much from other cultures and peoples if you give them a chance.

With today’s travel climate, Lisa feels that now more than ever, travel advisors are essential.  She is here to help navigate you through all the complexities of the new “travel norm”.

A resident of Waterford, Lisa enjoys time with her husband and children.  She also paints, draws, and is an all-around creative person!  Let Lisa help you make your travel dreams come true.


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